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I live to fight another day.
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August 5, 2014 at 12:29am
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Gone too soon.

July 4, 2014 at 12:35am
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I like to call this cover a ‘pa demure’ one.

Pardon the chilly effects of my voice (sabeh? haha), it’s cold even on Summer you know. And yes, tumutula ako in some verses. HAHAHAHA

-mS. G

P.S. How do you like my nails? ;)

June 18, 2014 at 3:16pm
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Sometimes all you need is to close your eyes to feel that everything, somehow, is okay.

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You can be amazing..
You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug….

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May 2, 2014 at 5:30pm
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Watch "TVC Careline Julie Anne San Jose (c)" on YouTube →


TVC Careline Julie Anne San Jose (c):

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Feel free to read. :)

PW: lovemenot

April 30, 2014 at 9:29pm
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KISMET! BUKAS NA @ 11:15 pm, PHL time!!!!!!!!! Prepare yourselves for Draco and Alexis’ not-so romantic lovestory.

Btw, I forgot to tell you that I won’t be updating every Sunday. So this fic will prolly run for 28chaps, including the prologue itself.

Happy Fiesta, bentes! :))

-mS. G

P.S. Excuse my emote, malat eh. Hahaha

March 29, 2014 at 11:12pm
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Others: Weekend! Summer! Vacation!!!

Me: Who says I envy them?


March 27, 2014 at 12:20am
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Clarity: Chapter 27

Years ago, in an attempt to run away from her home and her father, Julie had done the unthinkable for her age. She had accomplished something depicted only in television shows. She had stolen the keys to one of her father’s many cars and driven it away. Far from being anywhere near proficient, or even good, at driving…it had taken Julie fifteen minutes to run the car off the road and into a power pole. She hadn’t been going particularly fast, just fast enough to dent the hood of the car pretty good and release the air bags.

I had almost broken my nose and collarbone. Someone passing had stopped, pulled me from the car and called an ambulance. Di nagtagal dumating din ang paramedics. They had strapped me to a gurney then driven off to the nearest hospital. All the while, my father remained under the assumption I was in my room. Akala niya I was crying off the painful, but truthful, words he had shouted at me. Whether he regretted them after he found out what happened was left to the imagination.

She thought about that memory as she trailed down the stairs.

You think I will allow you to succeed with your evil plans? Think again. I am no idiot sorry. I am Julie Anne San Jose. The lady who will never make your life easy.

Deciding to face her oppressors, she appeared at dinner. Much to their amazement, she sat herself down in her usual seat and ate every bit of food placed before her. The only person at the table she didn’t hate was no one.

Continuing to astound them, she brought up conversation and eventually led it to what kind of cars they drove.

“Mustangs are for bitches, do you know that?”

“Heard of that.” Tim agreed.

“So what about BMW?” Liz asked, much to her curiosity she unintentionally joined the conversation.

“Ahh. Easy peasy, BMW are for lazy suckers.”

Richard had rolled his eyes, “Childish analogy. It makes anyone look important.”

Julie didn’t drop her knife as she looked at him straight in the eyes, “Am I already driving you up the wall, Mr. Fuck-erson?”

Liz and Tim held their laughter and had focus on their food instead. While the man who was absolutely handsome in his suit looked pissed off, but his maturity quickly covered it.

“Not a chance.” He lied.

Liz cleared her throat to change the atmosphere, not the topic though, “I drive in style.”

“Shut up! You don’t even have a car.” Julie teased to grasp more information for her ultimate escape plan.

The older woman quirked an eyebrow, “FYI. I have a Jaguar in the multicar garage attached to the side of the mansion.”

“Now that’s cool.” Julie smiled, silently happy dancing in her mind.

“Thanks. Many really don’t know that I’m into cars as well.” Liz more than glad with Julie’s statement.

“And as to your FYI! Never expect that from you. OMG!”

Liz threw her a don’t-you-get-there look. It was Richard’s turn to feel the laughter bubble in tickling his stomach. Tahimik siyang napapangiti sa tuwing binabasag o iniinis ni Julie si Liz. She was the only who unleashed his cousin’s bad temper.


Since she now knew she was absolutely not welcome nor wanted, Julie took inspiration for her previous indiscretion and swiped Liz’s purse.


Too comfortable in her own home, and not nearly suspicious enough of Julie’s behavior for the amount of disdain she had for the girl, Liz tended to leave her purse in one of three places. One was obviously her room, which was locked whether Liz was in it or not.

The other two happened to be the liquor cabinet in the kitchen and beneath the sink in the second downstairs bathroom. Knowing the purse was in the liquor cabinet, If I were to get it, it would put me in an even more precarious situation because either I’d look like I was stealing, or I’d looked like I was a teenage drunk.

Liz also had minute portions of possessive tendencies. With a Jaguar in the garage, she was not going to leave the keys to anyone but herself…probably Faulkerson too, but that was neither here nor there.

Julie had taken the keys and replaced them with some she had found hanging near the entry way to the garage. In addition to the keys, she had snatched one of Liz’s credit cards before replacing the purse in the liquor cabinet after the kitchen had cleared for the night.

Hiding herself away in her room, Julie used her laptop and Liz’s MasterCard to buy herself a one-way ticket back to the Philippines the next afternoon, “Fuckerson and Tim would be gone to a meeting. While the bitchy Liz is rumored to be visiting an old friend for lunch. So, I would be free to get herself out of dodge.”

Naghanda na si Julie na mag-impake. She had twice the amount of clothing now and struggled with what to take and what to leave. Garrett and Tara were tucked safely into her hand carry bag, along with the jewelry Richard had given her and never taken back, some make-up and a change of clothes. Her purse was neatly arranged with her billfold, passport and house keys.

The outfit she planned for the next day was a simple, but expensive, gray dress with a scarf and heels. Large sunglasses would hide the nervousness in her face and so long as she walked with a purpose, no one would turn their heads twice at her.

Her appearance would be neutral colored, indiscriminate but sleek and professional at the same time. She would appear as the person people most wanted to sit beside and least likely to bother. Just enough discretion to get her on the plane without hiccup and enough “Wow!” to get her bumped to first class, if need be.

“This would definitely be a two-hour adventure just to get out of this house, that’s for sure.” She sighed.

So, the rest of the evening was spent researching, recording and memorizing the trip from the mansion to the airport. Speed limits, turns and traffic conditions rattled around in her brain before she realized Liz’s car probably had a GPS of some kind.

“Shit! I missed considering that.” She pursed her lips, thinking how twice harder for it to escape, “Bring it on!”


Cellphone alarm set, Julie laid in bed for many hours. Too excited to sleep for very long, she awoke hours before her plane would take off. She showered and dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, which only served the purpose of decoy as she sat down to breakfast with Richard and Liz.

“So what I need to do while you’re all away for the day?” She asked what she was expected, playing her deception to its fullest.

Catching suspicion in their eyes, Julie shrugged, “What? Dad called last night and he wanted an update on how I was doing.”

“I’d give Sir Enrico a call later after the meeting don’t worry.” Richard said in full voice.

“You’d call him?”

“Yeah I thought you said he wanted an update?” He asked, slightly confused by her question.

“Yes,” Julie sipped water from the almost empty glass to calm her nerves, “I just hope your reports will be fair.”

By that point, Richard finished eating and had left the room leaving Julie somehow hurt.

Guess that would be our goodbye. Sweet mo ever Fuckerson.


Julie became nervous the closer their departure came. She couldn’t leave until they were ten minutes gone. That gave the house enough time to quiet down, most of the staff taking lunch breaks when he was away, and created enough distance from their limo and the house to prevent them from doubling back and stopping her with any sort of accomplishment. So, she paced her room, anticipating two sets of cars driving off with their cargo and waited fifteen minutes before putting her plan into action.

Five extra minutes made the difference. She told herself, as she stepped into an absolutely silent hallway.

Shouldering her hand carry bag and purse, she escaped her room with one bag wheeling behind her. Just to be safe, Julie took the back stairway that led down to the kitchen. It cost her more time, but meant she would not encounter any lingering staff members. Though, she was sure not a single one was in the house and if they were, they weren’t on this side of it. Finagling her way into the garage, Julie’s heels clicked against the pavement until she came to the leaping figure of the Jaguar hood ornament.

She extracted Liz’s stolen keys from her purse and stared at the key pad as she hit the button to open the truck, “Oh c’mon. C’mon.”

She would not have the alarm blaring off because of nervous fingers. She popped her two bags into the trunk then shut it as quietly as possible.

Looking over her shoulders and around herself numerous times, she unlocked the car and slid into the driver’s side. She breathed in the smell of peonies, watching the air-freshener jingle from the reverberation of the shutting door. Anxiety and thrill bubbled in her stomach as she cranked the car. The revving of the engine flooded her bloodstream and she felt a new confidence borne inside herself.

Game’s over, suckers.”

In one fluid moment, she snapped a black Hermes scarf from her purse. In the airport, it would decorate her neck but for now it would cover the ostentatious sound of her red hair, which had been carefully styled for the occasion.

Isipin mo yun red hair ka na Julie. Haha”

Once the scarf was secure and hiding the crown of her head, most of the back too, she slid the large-rimmed sunglasses onto her neck. Had she bothered to find and wear black driving gloves, she would have resembled Audrey Hepburn of days so long gone by. She did look chic, though, with her fitted dress and black pumps.

Not wanting to waste anymore time admiring her Bond Girl alter-ego, she fastened her seat belt, punched the address into the built-in GPS and shifted the gear to drive, “Thank goodness that Elizabeth is too insecure to drive a standard transmission.”

She drove achingly slow out of the garage, tapping the garage door button hooked to the flip-down mirror. She braked long enough to plug her iPod into the stereo system and began the panic-attack inducing drive down the drive way.

Maybe it was the constant leaving of cars following Richard’s departure, maybe it was the lax attitude workers took once their boss was not in the vicinity of watching their work but whatever it was. Wohoo perfect! The guard at the gate barely glanced up from his book before hitting a key and opening the gates.

The guard gave a lazy wave as she pulled past him, murmuring something polite. She didn’t look back, turned right and pressed gently against the acceleration.


Update you want. A long overdue update you get. :)

-mS. G

P.S. He he. I miss you CLARITY!!!